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Desperate cover-up in Iraqi “blood money” saga

The Australian Wheat Board (AWB) is desperately working to cover up its connections to the controversial live export trade, according to investigations by an animal welfare group. People against Live Exports (PALE) have uncovered evidence that while the AWB was knowingly diverting millions to Saddam Hussein’s regime under Iraq’s Oil-for-food scheme, it was also secretly raising cash from interests in the live Animal export trade.

PALE founder Wendy Lewthwaite said the scandal was the best kept secret of the Cole inquiry into the AWB.

“The public line is that the Australian Wheat Board sells wheat. They are very keen to keep it quiet that they have also been raising blood money through their connections to the cruel live export trade,” Ms Lewthwaite said.

“I uncovered evidence in 2003 that the AWB had purchased interests in livestock company Landmark a short time after the Cormo Express debacle took place. The profits from this venture likely forms a proportion of the money sent to Iraq.”

Ms Lewthwaite said the AWB and the Cole inquiry had gone out of their way to keep information about AWB’s connections to Landmark a secret.

“The public has a right to know the facts about this case,” Ms Lewthwaite said.

“There is a strong public interest in Live Exports and the AWB involvement in live exports is of direct relevance to the current inquiry. It is both immoral and duplicitous for this information to be concealed.”

Ms Lewthwaite said PALE was calling on the government to ensure the Cole inquiry process was transparent and that uncomfortable details about the AWB’s business dealings were not swept under the carpet.

Millions of live sheep, cattle, goats, and other animals endure journeys for up to 3 months from the farm gate to their overseas destinations and eventual very cruel slaughter .Miss Lewthwaite has held meetings with Muslim Leaders of Australia, Malaysian Government officials who advice they do not acquire animals alive for religious purposes and that it is clearly driven by the Government and the department of Trade and Trades.

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